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Privacy is the hottest new job market for attorneys and non-attorneys. Even more so when you consider the full range of data protection jobs. A few weeks ago, we spoke to Jared Coseglia with TRU STaffing about recruiting for functions in privacy. In this episode we look at the other side. What is it like for someone to get started in privacy, not by sheer coincidence like K Royal and Paul Breitbarth did many years ago, but by deliberate choice? Where do you get this crazy idea that a privacy career might be fun, what steps do you take and what is it like to start in privacy and data protection in 2020?

Our guest, Tom Besore, is an experienced Chicago-based lawyer, who identifies as Irish and American. In his own words, he has a long history in computers, electronics, radio and technology. In 2020, he shifted his primary interest to privacy and started executing on achieving that dream. As Tom says – success in this field takes passions, laser-focus, and the drive to niche opportunities. Listen in as we discuss why one would turn to privacy from a different career-focus and how to do so. This episode can be heard on our website or streamed below.

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