Brexit Compliance Plan


Developing a Plan for Brexit Compliance

Brexit will likely have a major impact on organizations of all sizes that do business in the UK. While there are still many unknowns, organizations should review their data privacy program and make plans to address different scenarios in which Brexit may impact their compliance posture.

TrustArc Brexit Plan

The TrustArc privacy consulting team has decades of combined compliance experience in the European market and can help you assess your situation and develop a Brexit action plan along with the supporting processes.

3-Step Brexit Compliance Review Methodology

Our proven three-step methodology is a fast and effective way to assess your current Brexit privacy position, develop a roadmap to get to where you want to be and create an audit record of your efforts.

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Step One
Organizational Survey

Through interviews and document reviews, we gain an understanding of your organizational structure and how it may be impacted by Brexit. We then identify areas of Brexit compliance risk requiring further examination. The Organizational Survey provides a summary of this discovery process.

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Step Two
Benchmarking Report

Based on the findings in the Organizational Survey, our consultants drill down more deeply into your business processes in order to map them against the requirements of Brexit. The Benchmarking Report provides a summary of your current Brexit compliance posture as compared to the desired Brexit compliance position.

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Step Three
Action Plan

Working with your compliance, IT, legal and other personnel, we construct a Brexit Action Plan with short-term steps and a long-term roadmap for advancing the Brexit compliance program to the desired compliance state and maintaining a compliant program thereafter. Our deliverables can become a key part of a due diligence record of your Brexit related compliance efforts for presentation to your Board of Directors and for recording ongoing updates.

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