Provides a centralized, comprehensive view of your privacy program and actionable insights to inform your privacy program management


The TrustArc platform dashboard generates privacy compliance KPIs (e.g., risk, request status, privacy profile, vendor management and more), includes a regulatory news feed and allows you to monitor risk and privacy program maturity level.


The cross-module design ensures aggregation of key data from all the TrustArc platform modules you use. With this information easily accessible, you can recognize important trends and make impactful improvements to privacy programs.

Dashboard Desktop

Configurable. Drag-and-drop user interface leveraging widget library enhances usability.


“At-a-glance” view of the critical privacy and risk KPI’s and metrics. Across your privacy program and processes such applicable laws and regulations, risks scores, maturity, assessment status, data inventory and classification statistics, data subject request status, and more.

Cross-module design. Ensures aggregation of key data from all platform modules you use.


Nymity reference of the day. Curated by TrustArc Privacy Intelligence Research team highlights a key privacy news article each day.

Do You Need Actionable Privacy Insights and KPIs at Your Fingertips?