Can you efficiently process personal data subject requests?

A Data Subject Request (DSR) or Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) gives individuals — consumers, customers or employees — in 50+ jurisdictions the right to see and to take further action on their personal data such as deleting or correcting.
Not only are organizations and companies required to comply with data subject requests, but you’re also required to handle them within a stipulated time frame, while providing timely updates to the data subject.

Protect against fines and litigation

Managing data subject requests is time-consuming and complex, and the risk of litigation and fines is real — to date, one of the biggest fines levied in the EU ($10.2 million) was against the Austrian Postal Service for failure to fulfill data subject rights properly.
Across 50+ jurisdictions with DSR laws, there are a wide range of request types, including:

Right to Access

Right to Know

Right to Rectification

Right to Restriction

Right to Objection

Right to Deletion

Fulfill Data Subject Requests in an efficient, secure manner

Across all jurisdictions (e.g. CCPA, LGPD, GDPR, PIPEDA), there are patterns about the set of activities required to fulfill a data subject request:

  1. Register, record and authenticate a request
  2. Find the personal information across all systems
  3. Validate the information
  4. Redact or update the information
  5. Securely provide to the individual
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Individual Rights Manager

Automate and scale your DSR fulfillment

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager automates the entire request fulfillment process to rapidly scale across mobile, web and app environments according to jurisdictional requirements — allowing you to avoid fines and legal action.
Continuously monitored by legal experts, our built-in privacy controls mean you stay compliant with changing regulations with no privacy expertise required.
Easily manage your workflow across systems and provide records of your compliance, while building user trust along the way.

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