EBSCO Industries, Inc. and its subsidiaries (EBSCO) have completed their certification for EU-US Privacy Shield, which is the international data transfer framework requiring that companies meet rigorous obligations to protect the personal data of Europeans.


View EBSCO’s Privacy Shield certification here. It is monitored and enforced by the US Department of Commerce (DOC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).


EBSCO’s certification demonstrates their commitment to consumer privacy and ensures that they transfer data in a safe way, in compliance with the Privacy Shield framework.


TRUSTe reviewed and verified that they comply with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework; TRUSTe will also provide independent dispute resolution services to address privacy-related questions around customer data from users and ongoing access to privacy guidance.


“By working with TRUSTe, EBSCO is showing its commitment to protecting the privacy of its customers,” said Josh Torres, EBSCO’s Associate Counsel and Compliance Director. “This is one of many privacy and compliance initiatives at EBSCO, all being performed in an effort to ensure that our products and services directly and continually align with our core company values.”


Congratulations to EBSCO on its Privacy Shield Certification!


Find out more about TRUSTe Privacy Shield Solutions here: Privacy Shield