Practical Steps to Manage the EU General Data Protection Regulation

Years after its implementation, enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in full swing and fines are commonly reaching into the millions and billions. To avoid suffering significant losses, small, medium, and large businesses need a plan for GDPR compliance, fast! Using the Essential Guide to the GDPR, you can decipher over 200 pages of GDPR legal text into practical implementation steps that minimize risk, ensure compliance, build trust, and protect your brand.

Key takeaways include:

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A five phase GDPR compliance roadmap for implementation

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Comprehensible steps for ongoing GDPR Compliance

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Messaging to get the compliance program investment your team needs

Forrester TEI Report

“As of October 2022, Data Protection Authorities have issued over 1,300 fines totaling over $2 billion dollars for GDPR non-compliance.”

– CMS Enforcement Tracker

Essential Guide GDPR

“As of October 2022, Data Protection Authorities
have issued over 1,300 fines totaling over
$2 billion dollars for GDPR non-compliance.”

– CMSA Law Enforcement Tracker

The GDPR Has Worldwide Application

If your business offers goods or services, has employees, physical buildings, or a website accessible by data subjects in the 27 EU Member States, it’s most likely subject to GDPR. Because the GDPR protects the personal data of individuals, which includes anyone physically residing in the EU, even if they are not EU citizens, its applicability is extremely broad. Don’t get caught off guard, get GDPR compliant.

Time to compliance: Down from eight to just three weeks

Before using TrustArc the customer’s processes were highly manual, inefficient and spreadsheet based. Now, with the automation of the TrustArc platform, time to compliance has been reduced by 75%.

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