Hewlett-Packard (HP) has become the first company to be approved under both the EU Binding Corporate Rules (BCR) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation’s Cross-Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) systems.


The concept of dual certification was first introduced last March at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit when the Article 29 Working Party and APEC published a Referential mapping of the requirements between the two frameworks. The document was introduced as a practical tool to help streamline the process for global companies seeking approval under both frameworks and welcomed as a first step towards greater interoperability.


For HP, obtaining the TRUSTe APEC Privacy Seal was the final step on their route towards dual certification, and they join a growing list of companies who are choosing APEC Certification to demonstrate their commitment to consumer privacy and ensure they transfer data around the world in a safe way in compliance with global privacy frameworks.


The APEC CBPR System is a self-regulatory initiative that addresses cross-border data flows between APEC Member Economies through voluntary and enforceable codes of conduct adopted by participating businesses. TrustArc was approved as the first Accountability Agent for the APEC CBPR System in June 2013.


Josh Harris, director of policy at TrustArc, commented: “HP has been engaged in APEC’s work on cross-border data transfers for many years and was one of the first companies to participate in a test pilot of this project. It’s extremely gratifying to see them reach this milestone.”


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