TrustArc Individual Rights Manager is designed to help companies meet CCPA, GDPR and other compliance requirements, minimize risk and build trust with customers.

The solution enables individuals to easily submit requests about their data, and helps companies to efficiently manage, evaluate and resolve these requests within required timelines. In addition, companies can use the solution to maintain an audit trail that demonstrates accountability and regulatory compliance.

TrustArc Individual Rights Manager Screenshot

Learn more about requirements in laws like GDPR and CCPA and steps to support your consumer rights / DSR compliance efforts from the privacy experts at TrustArc.


Submit a request button: Deployed on the company website, prompts individual to submit a request

Customizable intake form: Allows individuals to easily submit requests to the company; includes browser language detection capability; provides translation and support for languages other than English

Identity verification: Options available for the level of authentication needed including email verification, verification based on personal information and an advanced solution that uses multiple choice questions to validate identity

Request management portal: Streamlines tracking, responding to and following up on requests and helps ensure that all requests are responded to in a timely manner

Dashboard: Customizable dashboard includes privacy compliance KPIs, regulatory news and insights feed and the ability to monitor open, closed and aging requests

Reporting: Supports request management efforts with visibility into request data, status of requests, dates, etc.

TrustArc Data Inventory Hub: Integration allows companies to easily locate an individual’s data within systems, which speeds up response times

Data Discovery: Solutions help companies to uncover personally identifiable information (PII) across systems and perform on-demand searches for requested customer data to support fulfilling requests

Request management portal enables companies to efficiently manage, review and follow up in required timelines

IRM DSR Request Management Portal

Submit a request button, deployed on the company website, prompts individual to submit a request

IRM Request Button

Ability to build custom intake forms; includes translations and supports languages other than English

IRM Intake Form


Supports compliance with laws and regulations (CCPA, GDPR, etc.)

Helps companies avoid fines and other consequences for non-compliance

Creates an audit trail to demonstrate compliance

Fosters transparency and helps build trust with customers

Improves efficiencies and helps companies save costs



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