TRUSTed Ads OBA Solution Gives MediaMind Platform Turnkey Compliance with Self-Regulatory Requirements, Enhanced Branding, and Improved Consumer Transparency

New York, New York, June 7, 2011 – TRUSTe, the leading online privacy solutions provider and largest provider of Online Behavior Advertising (OBA) compliance solutions with over 10 billion icon impressions per month, today announced that MediaMind Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDMD), the leading independent provider of integrated digital advertising solutions, has selected TRUSTe as its preferred OBA provider and will support its TRUSTed Ads self-regulatory solution.

By offering TRUSTed Ads with its own platform, MediaMind gives its worldwide customer base of more than 9,000 advertising agencies and advertisers a customizable privacy solution to easily comply with emerging regulatory requirements, while enhancing consumer transparency and trust through improved notice and choice. With TRUSTe as its preferred partner, MediaMind will also continue to support other OBA providers at customer request.

“TRUSTe is honored to have been chosen by MediaMind as its global preferred partner for OBA privacy services,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe. “Our combined expertise and established customer base will make it easier than ever for the advertising community to adhere to new self-regulation requirements and communicate the integrity of their brands by giving consumers the notice and choice that they want. Our research shows that when given notice and choice, most consumers choose to participate rather than opt-out. TRUSTed Ads’ transparency builds truth in privacy, enabling the advertising community to fully leverage emerging digital technologies to achieve their marketing objectives.”

“Consumer trust is critical for the long term success of our industry,” said Gal Trifon, President and CEO of MediaMind. “Supporting TRUSTed Ads on our platform allows us to provide our advertising customers with a robust and highly scalable media solution and ensure that they are working in accordance with current privacy governing regulations.”

About TRUSTed Ads
TRUSTed Ads is the largest provider of OBA notice and choice by sheer volume, and features the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) “Advertising Option Icon“, as part of its self-regulatory program to provide consumer choices for OBA.

TRUSTed Ads offers consumers access to easy-to-understand educational material and concise ad notification and opt-out choices. TRUSTed Ads gives advertising companies the ability to provide a branded and customizable consumer landing experience; simple tag implementation in ad servers; and a detailed reporting and consumer feedback mechanism.

By providing a single integrated privacy platform for all online advertising, TRUSTed Ads further allows the advertising community to:

  • Communicate responsible privacy practices to customers;
  • Keep pace with the rapidly evolving privacy landscape and regulatory changes; and
  • Provide consistent and recognized certification of all privacy practices.

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About MediaMind
MediaMind is a leading global provider of digital advertising campaign management solutions to advertising agencies and advertisers. MediaMind provides media and creative agencies, advertisers and publishers with an integrated platform to manage campaigns across digital media channels and a variety of formats, including rich media, in-stream video, display and search. Headquartered in New York, MediaMind delivered campaigns during 2010 for approximately 9,000 brand advertisers, servicing approximately 3,800 media and creative agencies across approximately 8,200 global web publishers in 64 countries.

About TRUSTe

TRUSTe powers privacy compliance and trust by enabling businesses to use data across their customer, employee and vendor channels. We have nearly 20 years’ experience and a team of over 150 professionals dedicated to providing data privacy management solutions and services, including assessments, certifications and our SaaS-based Platform. The Data Privacy Management Platform provides control over all phases of privacy; from conducting assessments and implementing compliance controls to managing ongoing monitoring. Companies worldwide rely on TRUSTe to minimize compliance risk and protect their brand. For further information see

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