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Operational Templates

Build and maintain your privacy program with over 1,000 downloadable,
up-to-date privacy resources


Documentation is the foundation of a comprehensive privacy program

Enhance your privacy governance and management by leveraging the world’s most extensive library of customizable privacy templates.


No need to start with a blank page with access to pre-populated up to date,

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Checklists
  • Annotations
  • Guides
  • Case studies and,
  • Real world sample materials


TrustArc Operational Templates

Operational Templates also includes regulatory modules like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and other global regulations that help your enterprise apply regulation-based documents. Oversee the status of your documentation from in-development to fully implemented – directly in the TrustArc Platform.

Operational Templates


Filter our 1,000+ resources by categories such as regulations
and privacy filters that include COVID-19, BCRs, and NIST



Build and maintain a program governance structure that
ensures demonstrable accountability with templates that align to
TrustArc’s Privacy & Data Governance Accountability Framework



For every privacy filter, documents are organized by 13 standard
privacy management activities that can both inform your program’s operations and have associated documents



Efficiently produce documented evidence aligned to compliance requirements – showing program level adherence to specific regulations

Build the Best Privacy Documents for Your Business

Data Breach Management. Ensure effective protocols are in place, monitored, and tested with template documentation logs that can be used for regulator reporting.

Privacy by Design. Apply Privacy by Design principles with aligned resource documentation.



Templates for Unanticipated Events. Stand ready to Support the business with expertise on enterprise-critical topics including COVID-19, hiring practices, and Schrems-II.

Third-Party Management Documents. Leverage custom documentation built for efficient third party vendor management.



Documented Revision History. Each resource includes a revision history that explains why the resource was modified when regulations are updated.


Track Implementation Status. Assign a status (Desired, In Progress, Implemented) for each privacy management activity and/or document.

What Customers Are Saying

We use the Operational Templates module extensively. It has helped the privacy office save plenty of time and resources, especially because they provide support for all operations across the organizations.

-Large Financial Services Company, AVP & Director Global Privacy

In the beginning, when we recognized the need for a structured privacy program, we looked at TrustArc to help us start from the top down. We are avid users of Operational Templates. It is our most widely used module. It is essentially used to approach different parts of the business. We are able to review our organizational policies and procedures while we add privacy controls to the review. Overall, we are happy with TrustArc and we see them as a partner through the maturity of our privacy program.

-Large Information & Internet Services Company, Privacy Leader

My team is a huge advocate for TrustArc. When our company was rethinking putting up security cameras within the company. The Operational Templates module was used as a reference point and really helped in running the entire process smoothly. This module has helped us more on a case to case scenario rather than on a daily basis.

-International Financial Services Company, CPO

Paired Together: Certification Services and Operational Templates

TrustArc’s Certification & Assurance programs are designed to help organizations demonstrate privacy compliance, reduce risk and build trust with an independent review of their program.


Certification & Assurance customers receive access to Operational Templates, delivering an accelerated certification process. During certification, cross specific documentation requirements off your action plan list and quickly meet the TrustArc and regulatory requirements.

Operational Templates & Resources Datasheet

Craft & Implement Privacy
Operational Templates

Modify pre-populated documents to reduce the time and effort needed to build your building privacy program’s governance and accountability.




Operational Templates


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Unlocking the Power of Privacy Knowledge with a 360° view



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