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your privacy program to ensure business accountability.


Accountability Planning & Benchmarks assists the privacy office to document, build, and maintain a structured privacy program. It enables organizations to baseline the status of their program, empowering users to compare their program with other organizations based on size, region, or industry.

Quickest Identification of Privacy Management Gaps
Quickest Identification Of Privacy Management Gaps
Most Comprehensive Privacy Program Comparison
Most Comprehensive Privacy Program Comparison



Benchmark your privacy program against other organizations, and justify investments in privacy management or show the relative effectiveness of current programs.

Target accountability investments based on new or existing regulations likes the GDPR, CCPA or LGPD (Brazil).


Collaborate smoothly on privacy management activities by effectively allocating resources.

Revise and measure your privacy program development progress. Seamlessly visualize and report outstanding accountability objectives and priorities.


Identify gaps and risks within your privacy management program. Stand ready to report accountability and plans for the future.

Analyze risk with comprehensive risk ranking reports for all privacy management activities.

Structured Privacy Management

Structure operations for complying with the global privacy requirements using Nymity’s Privacy Management Accountability Framework™.

Effortlessly analyze the status of privacy management activities with the use of monthly reports on compliance status, activity ownership status, activities reviewed and implementation progress.

Largest Database of GDPR Resources
Largest Database of GDPR Resources
Most Innovative Dashboard to Monitor your Privacy Program
Most Innovative Dashboard To Monitor Your Privacy Program


Create custom comparison charts
Receive monthly reports about your industry, region or company size
Receive monthly reports about status changes in the organization
High-level or granular comparisons
On-demand reports including Privacy Management Reports
Baseline and compare risk assessment activities
Guidance for structured privacy management
Privacy management status indicators
Assign owner(s) for privacy management activities
Planner dashboard
Records of status change and review history
Resources for addressing the GDPR
Provide Simple Work Flow for Your Privacy Program
Provide Simple Work Flow for Your Privacy Program
Most Relevant Reports
Most Relevant Reports


Benchmarks Datasheet

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