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AI governance and regulatory compliance: TrustArc’s latest product innovations

TrustArc is thrilled to unveil transformative updates to our suite of tools, meticulously designed to empower privacy and compliance teams with ways to save time and costs when it comes to compliance. Discover our latest innovations designed to revolutionize efficiency, enhance clarity, and build trust in your data protection, privacy program, and AI governance.

What’s New

  • Introducing Responsible AI Certification: Demonstrate your AI’s integrity and accountability with an industry-recognized TRUSTe certification.
  • Meet NymityAI Beta: Use AI-driven insights to speed up your privacy legal research, getting accurate and useful information quicker than before. Get answers to your questions in seconds with Nymity Research’s NymityAI.
  • New Law Tables content in Nymity Research: Take advantage of the latest content covering the following regulations and their amendments: Democratic Republic of Congo Law on Personal Data Protection, Belgium Telecommunications Law (Amendments), Utah Consumer Privacy Act (Amendments), and New Hampshire Consumer Privacy Act.
  • Master privacy with Privacy Simplified: Designed for all stages of learning – new Privacy Simplified pages in Nymity Research cover everything you need to know for a topic (e.g. AI, GDPR, US State Privacy Laws, etc.) in one place. This includes new developments, links to relevant laws and operational templates, or essential insights.
  • PrivacyCentral library additions: Leverage new laws and standards in our extensive library: NIST 800-53, Florida Digital Bill of Rights, Oregon Consumer Data Protection Act, Texas DPSA, Nevada CHDA, TCPA, and Nigeria DPA.
  • Improved Nymity References: Enjoy an easy-to-read structure to References in Nymity Research. Includes both high-level overview and in-depth analysis.


Elevate trust in AI: Introducing TrustArc's Responsible AI Certification

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) permeates every aspect of the digital landscape, establishing trust and accountability in AI operations is paramount. Gartner predicts organizations that prioritize AI transparency, trust, and security will see a 50% improvement in AI model adoption, business goals, and user acceptance by 2026.

TrustArc’s Responsible AI Certification represents a pioneering step toward ensuring responsible AI use and building trust with customers and partners.

With certification, you’ll be able to:

  • Demonstrate responsible AI practices: Our TRUSTe Responsible AI framework incorporates leading regulations and frameworks like the EU AI Act, NIST AI RMF, ISO/IEC 42001, and OECD AI principles.
  • Boost brand credibility: Enhance your brand’s integrity and consumer trust with an industry-vetted certification and recognized privacy seal.
  • Proactively comply with regulations: Stay ahead of upcoming AI regulations like the EU AI Act, ensuring compliance and leadership in your field.

This certification not only highlights your commitment to responsible AI usage but also provides a strategic advantage in a competitive market. Learn more here.

Your new privacy co-pilot, NymityAI Beta


Step into the future of privacy research with NymityAI Beta. Learn the law faster and easier – with confidence. Obtain precise privacy answers with citations in seconds. Our fine-tuned chatbot automatically dives into Nymity Research’s premier content written by privacy and legal experts over 25+ years. Let NymityAI do the heavy lifting for you.

New Law Tables in Nymity Research

Take advantage of the latest content covering the following regulations and their amendments: Democratic Republic of Congo Law on Personal Data Protection, Belgium Telecommunications Law (Amendments), Utah Consumer Privacy Act (Amendments), New Hampshire Consumer Privacy Act, and Regulations on Promoting and Regulating Cross-Border Data Flows – People’s Republic of China. Easily decipher and compare laws to understand your obligations and next steps. Our team has you covered!

Master privacy easily with Privacy Simplified

Dive into a topic with Privacy Simplified in Nymity Research, a new content toolkit designed for all stages of learning. Privacy Simplified is designed to enhance your understanding and application of privacy knowledge. Whether you’re building basic awareness or seeking advanced insights, quickly become an expert on a topic.

Privacy Simplified includes:

  • New Developments section – an overview of the latest developments around the topic including links to relevant References.
  • Essential Insights section – providing background information, history, and insights to the topic.
  • Toolkit section – includes links to relevant laws, key References, relevant Operational Templates, and other helpful resources.

Sneak peek of Essential Insights section

Sneak peek of Toolkit section

More laws and standards in PrivacyCentral

PrivacyCentral’s robust library of 100+ privacy and security laws and standards includes new additions:

  • NIST 800-53
  • Florida Digital Bill of Rights
  • Oregon Consumer Data Protection Act
  • Texas DPSA
  • Nevada CHDA
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • Nigeria DPA

Easily benchmark and audit your standard readiness for the above laws and standards within PrivacyCentral. When it comes to privacy and compliance program management, PrivacyCentral helps you scale and automate your compliance work, saving up to 80% or more in time and effort.

Nymity Research References keep getting better

Designed for improved readability, take advantage of our new References structure. Enhancements include easy-to-navigate summaries and detailed reports, accommodating different levels of expertise and information needs. Users are able to benefit from faster information retrieval and research efficiency.

Elevate your privacy with TrustArc

Discover how TrustArc can transform your privacy operations and drive excellence in your organization. Don’t miss the opportunity to lean into data protection—get a free demo to unlock the full potential of your privacy strategy with TrustArc.

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