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Data Inventory Hub takes center stage with automation innovations

Navigating the broad and intricate web of privacy regulations is a daunting task. For data protection professionals, keeping abreast of the latest tools to fortify their privacy programs not only simplifies compliance but also underscores their commitment to safeguarding personal information. TrustArc, a trailblazer in privacy and data security management, understands the need for continual innovation. This month, TrustArc is rolling out a series of product updates designed to streamline the intricate choreography of protecting personal data across various platforms and processes. Here’s a detailed look at each of these game-changing features.

What’s new

  • Third Party Vendor Discovery: Simplify data inventory creation by automatically identifying third-party vendors through website scanning and integrating the information into the Data Inventory Hub‘s Third Party Discovery tab.
  • Record Exchange: To address the time-consuming process of creating new customer records and building inventories, we’re introducing a repository of pre-created third-party records. Users can seamlessly pull these records into their inventories, drastically reducing time spent on new record creation. With over 400 pre-created records available with a single click, this update accelerates compliance efforts for our customers.
  • Redesigning company affiliate records: We’re updating the user interface of our affiliate record system which will provide much improved functionality.
  • Redesigning primary entity record output language code: We’re enhancing the language functionality in this feature to improve clarity and efficiency for all of our customers.

Third Party Vendor Discovery

Introducing our latest innovation, Third Party Vendor Discovery. Say goodbye to the painstaking process of manually assembling data inventories. With this solution, we seamlessly integrate discovered information into the Third Party Discovery tab within your Data Inventory Hub. This streamlined approach will save you valuable time.

How will this update help you and impact your privacy approach?

  • Automatic discovery: Say goodbye to the tedious task of manual intervention. Now you can easily automate the process of identifying third-party vendors utilized by your organization.
  • Time savings: Streamline the creation of third-party vendor records, freeing you up to do real privacy work, and leaving admin work in your rearview mirror.
  • Enhanced efficiency: Achieve greater efficiency in data discovery processes, accelerating your organization’s overall productivity and effectiveness.

With Third Party Vendor Discovery, we’re revolutionizing the way organizations manage their data inventories, empowering them to focus on what matters most.

Record Exchange

Introducing Record Exchange: Tired of the laborious task of creating new records for customers and building inventories? We have the solution. With Record Exchange, we’re developing a comprehensive repository of over 400 pre-created third-party records that users can effortlessly integrate into their own inventories with just a click.

How this feature helps you:

  • Instant access: Over 400 pre-created records available for instant integration.
  • Time savings: Drastically reduces the time spent on creating new records.
  • Compliance assistance: Helps you expedite ROPA efforts, achieving compliance faster.

Elevate your privacy with TrustArc

Discover how TrustArc can transform your privacy operations and drive excellence in your organization. Don’t miss the opportunity to lean into data protection—get a free demo to unlock the full potential of your privacy strategy with TrustArc.

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