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TrustArc Introduces Winter 2022 Product Updates

The data privacy ecosystem is becoming more complex as laws and regulations are enacted worldwide. As a result, it’s more challenging to build a solid and adaptable privacy program. Where does all of the sensitive data reside? What data exposes your organization to regulatory risks?

TrustArc understands that your job isn’t getting any easier as the amount of data continues to grow. We build privacy products that help professionals unravel the complexity and build a system that will last for years to come.

We are continuing to update and enhance our products to better help serve our customers. Check out the latest updates.

Nymity Research – All the Regulatory Updates You Need at a Glance, by Country

Staying on top of regulatory updates for a single country in a single language is a monumental task. Now imagine having to do that for several countries!

Country Summaries is an interactive map that allows quick navigation to specific countries and displays all the available research and content for that region. It enables you to anticipate new possible risks, devise mitigation strategies, and be assured that the company will not be caught off guard.

It’s time to own your consent & preference management

With a fundamental shift from in-person to online consumer engagement, reliance on customer relationship management (CRM) systems is necessary. If your company uses Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo (or similar cloud-based software), it’s essential to start thinking about the consent and preferences of your users.

This will not only be crucial for your online privacy ecosystem, it’s also required by law. For an organization, user consent and preference management is a win-win. You’ll increase your compliance and build trust with users.

The consumer trust product line was built with these specific changes in mind. Consent & Preference Manager integrates directly with HubSpot and Salesforce to help you manage your consent and preference requests.

Establish a customer preference hub to help your consumers understand what information you are using and how you’re interacting with them online. This allows for more customization with consent – so your consumers won’t be opting out of everything. Picture a tailored experience with your brand that fits their needs and online behaviors.

The Risk Profile Redesign

A privacy program is only as good as the data risk it helps mitigate and control. You need tools that benchmark what success looks like over time. We’ve redesigned Risk Profile to give you the option to report to leadership how your privacy program investment is paying off.

In the new Risk Profile experience, you’ll see

  • Better Reporting
  • Stronger Integration
  • Simpler User Experience
  • Greater Configuration

Additionally, you can now use the dashboard to show leadership the status of your privacy risk program.

Nymity – New Content Release

TrustArc privacy experts continued adding content, analysis, and updating the most relevant research globally. With over 25 pieces of content added in Q1, Nymity research users can have the peace of mind that they are up to date with the most critical global updates.

Filter Your Data by Business Unit With Organization Hierarchy

Various business units often reside in different jurisdictions and collect, store and maintain unique data sets. This gives each unit separate exposure to varying data laws and regulations worldwide.

Organization Hierarchy enables you to build your unique organizational structure and slice your privacy program based on your organization units.

Data Inventory Hub – New Business Process Forms

Creating Business Process Records can be time-consuming as it requires inputs from cross-functional individuals and teams across your organization. Furthermore, the high number of fields that need to be inputted makes it challenging to stay on top of and revalidate the questionnaires proactively.

Users can now streamline gathering information by sending a collaborative and customized questionnaire to end-users and their teammates with the information required to create the business process records.

Fewer fields that need to be inputted simplify the process and ensure that the business records are filled out. Revalidation is automated, allowing customers to keep their processing records up to date by setting a reoccurring timer to review their records.

New US Federal, State and Global Privacy & Security Laws and Regulations on PrivacyCentral

PrivacyCentral continues to grow in capabilities and framework availability.

Our team has already mapped over 40 frameworks and laws to the platform. You will find a gallery with five content categories available to PrivacyCentral customers.

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