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TrustArc Launches Validation Offering for Digital Advertising Alliance’s Addressable Media Identifier Certification Program

In May 2022, the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) launched its initial certification process for providers of Addressable Media Identifiers (AMIs).

AMIs are used to enable relevant advertising, optimized outcomes, measurement tools, and other important functionality with new privacy safeguards for the ad-supported digital content and services enjoyed by millions of consumers worldwide.

The DAA requires companies that have issued or plan to issue AMIs to certify their compliance with the Policy Framework for Addressable Media Identifiers released by the advertising industry earlier this year.

The AMI Policy Framework is designed to ensure users and providers of AMIs continue to safeguard consumer privacy by delineating both explicitly permitted data uses and prohibited uses of data.

AMI’s also provide meaningful choices to consumers, publishers, agencies, and advertisers, and they maintain the critical functionality needed to provide ad-supported content and services in the digital ecosystem.

Through its TRUSTe subsidiary, TrustArc is excited to launch its AMI Validation Offering which will manage the review and attestation process by AMI providers to verify their compliance with the AMI Policy Framework.

TrustArc has been a longtime Approved Provider of Compliance Services for the DAA and we look forward to extending our role to this new area

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