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TrustArc & Launch Comprehensive Data Automation for Privacy & AI Governance

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TrustArc, a global leader in data privacy and governance solutions, announces a partnership with Privya, as well as Google partner certification with TrustArc’s Cookie Consent Manager.

Elevated Data Privacy Automation

TrustArc’s and Privya’s integrated offering encompasses data creation, collection, classification, risk analysis, and reporting for privacy and security compliance, completed in days versus months. Key capabilities include continuous code-based data discovery, automated privacy and security risk analysis, and on-demand regulatory reporting.

Following industry best practices, the integrated partner solutions automate today’s privacy processes, track high-risk AI use cases, check for conformity with regulations, and expose third-party vendors to provide continuous monitoring and enhanced AI transparency.

“ offers a user-friendly and quick implementation process. It’s highly cost-effective, allowing for end-to-end discovery and reporting within days instead of months,” shares TrustArc’s Chief Product Officer, Eric Sendelbach. “Our partnership offers data discovery in software development, embedding privacy by design right into the code.”

New Solutions for New Challenges in AI Governance
With the upcoming EU AI Act, inventories of AI/ML models that organizations develop or deploy will become increasingly important, with far higher fines than GDPR, which will account for up to 7% of the previous year’s annual revenue. Privya’s data discovery automatically detects AI/ML models upon code scanning and captures requirements for a ROPA and DPIA within TrustArc’s Data Inventory Hub and Risk Profile products.

Privya’s innovative platform quickly scans an organization’s code repositories and automates data collection for ROPA, DPIA, and other real-time compliance risks. TrustArc’s proprietary risk engine includes controls from 130+ laws and standards, including NIST AI and OECD AI, to ensure robust privacy and security risk analysis. For mitigation, TrustArc’s pre-built risk assessments, including DPIAs and an AI-risk assessment, can automatically kick off an assessment from the data inventory based on processing purposes or data categories.

Google Consent Management Platform (CMP) Partner Program
The intersection of marketing and privacy is increasingly requiring advertisers, marketers, and publishers to adopt more robust privacy-first standards that promote end-user transparency and control.

TrustArc’s Cookie Consent Manager provides privacy-first consent experiences that meet Google’s CMP certified requirements and other global requirements like IAB TCF 2.2, IAB GPP, IAB CCPA, and the EDAA’s AdChoices program.

Unique to TrustArc’s CMP offering includes certification with standards like EDAA as well as Technical Account Management services to support client implementation and optimization of consent experiences and tracker management for compliance.

For more information about TrustArc, please visit or contact [email protected].

About TrustArc
As a leader in data privacy, TrustArc automates and simplifies the creation of end-to-end privacy management programs for global organizations. TrustArc is the only company to deliver depth of privacy intelligence, coupled with automation, essential for the growing number of privacy regulations in an ever-changing digital world. Headquartered in San Francisco and backed by a global team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, TrustArc helps customers worldwide demonstrate compliance, minimize risk, and build trust. For additional information, visit

About Privya
Privya is an innovative AI-based solution ensuring that data protection and compliance are handled as part of the development life cycle, in order to prevent violations of any regulations, including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, CPRA, NIST, and others. Privya bridges the gap between privacy professionals and engineers, and provides a centralized hub to manage and control privacy across cloud-native environments. Its cutting-edge privacy scanner abstracts the code and classifies usage of personal information (PI), storage, usage of AI models and third parties. By serving as an agentless privacy management solution that can be onboarded non-intrusively, it enables visibility, both into legacy and new code at any stage of the software development lifecycle, and provides contextualized remediation plans. For additional information, visit

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