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Privacy Profile

Privacy Profile is the data-driven intelligence center for managing every phase of your organization’s privacy journey. Privacy Profile continuously scans company details against laws and regulations around the world generating actionable analysis and guiding your organization towards privacy compliance and maturity.


TrustArc Privacy Profile empowers privacy leaders to continuously monitor and fully-automate the Discovery, Planning, Prioritizing, Building and Management of privacy programs with simple structured processes, facilitated by the TrustArc Integrated Frameworks.


Privacy Profile delivers customized and actionable dynamic insights to empower privacy leaders to implement the most comprehensive and automated privacy program for their organizations.

Privacy Profile Desktop

Privacy report details. Customers can “view details” of each law that has been flagged for them, which provides details on how and why these laws and regulations have been flagged, as well as business impact of these regulations if nothing is done to remediate.


Dashboard. Includes an interactive map with drill-down capabilities, relevant business details, and applicable laws by region.



Privacy priorities report. Provides an introduction to all applicable laws and regulations that resulted from the Privacy Profile three-step process. It allows customers to jump-start their path to compliance by immediately reviewing assessments as a next step. Further, it provides details on how and why these laws and regulations have been flagged, as well as business impact of these regulations if nothing is done to remediate.

Drill-down functionality. Privacy managers can click into specific regions to learn more about which company details trigger a compliance requirement under a specific law or regulation. Accessible directly from the dashboard.


Privacy assurance. Demonstrate privacy compliance and accountability to customers, partners, and the public through participation in a TRUSTe Assurance program.


Standards and policy library. Build, implement and demonstrate privacy progress in a meaningful way. Demonstrate compliance and accountability with your policy and standards library and operational templates, with real time reporting for key stakeholders and business partners.

What Customers Are Saying

TrustArc’s tools and platform are invaluable to managing and accelerating our privacy program. Without them, we’d be much less efficient and frequently playing catch-up.

-Ray Everett, Chief Privacy Officer, Blackhawk Network Inc.

TrustArc came through for us when we needed to quickly and efficiently ramp up for the CCPA. Their technology is essential to our business and key to achieving our CCPA compliance.

-Joseph Moran, Chief Compliance Officer, Celebrity Home Loans

TrustArc made us feel more comfortable with our existing privacy setup and with whatever new privacy legislation may come our way.

-Adam Stokes, Data Protection Officer

Privacy Profile Datasheet

Privacy leaders need the ability to review business operations against all applicable laws, regulations, and frameworks in order to streamline compliance and maturity, and take action to address regulatory requirements.




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