Automate your privacy
program today

Easily build out and manage your data privacy program. On Day 1,
you can get privacy guidance to identify compliance issues
and get recommended remediations.

Manual efforts and huge legal fees aren’t sustainable

Given the number of existing and emerging privacy regulations today, you can end up spending hours on manual efforts to keep up (or spend huge amounts in legal fees).


Continuous and evolving data privacy regulatory changes can be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to keep track of your organization’s risk and overall compliance. In fact, it can cost ~$15-60k+ to comply with each new compliance law in the U.S. – 2023 Engine Report research with the University of Michigan Ford School of Public Policy


PrivacyCentral: automated global privacy management software


PrivacyCentral is the automated data compliance platform for managing constantly changing privacy compliance requirements across multiple jurisdictions.
Maintained and continuously updated by TrustArc’s team of privacy experts, it uses controls-based frameworks to automatically identify commonalities among multiple laws, regulations, frameworks and standards — eliminating 30% or more of duplicate work.

Sustainable, scalable privacy management


Multi-jurisdiction privacy compliance automation

TrustArc’s global auto-law scanning, detection, and comparison based on your company profile — let our platform do the work for what is applicable and needed for your compliance based on regulations. PrivacyCentral dynamically monitors where your organization stands in relation to quickly changing global privacy laws — and gives you real-time, actionable insights on how to apply.
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In-house privacy and legal expertise

Our in-house data privacy and legal experts map, review, and update laws and regulations – doing the checking for you.
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Configurable libraries and controls for governance

The data privacy compliance platform has a library of 100+ global laws, regulations, and frameworks including Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework™ PMAF, SOC2, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 27550, ISO 41700, NIST AI, NIST 800-53, and NIST Cybersecurity Framework that you can utilize to help you track compliance and measure your privacy program efficacy. Our library includes 900+ common controls identified across privacy and security standards and top frameworks.
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Streamline your privacy program
Streamline tracking, evidence gathering, and compliance through your evidence library. Generate assignments, reviews, and approvals all in one platform. Utilize 1,000+ Operational Templates to help guide your privacy program (e.g. sample privacy policies, infosec checklists, sample incident response plans, template contract language, sample consent language, procurement lists and more).
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On-demand benchmarking, reporting and attestation

Audit your privacy program for accountability against a risk-based governance model, tailor reports to your privacy priorities, and get real-time KPI and executive-level reporting and analysis. Use TrustArc’s Attestor capability to measure and choose your organizational baseline when it comes to standards readiness.

PrivacyCentral played a valuable role in helping DoubleVerify create a scalable privacy program that offers business continuity now, and for years to come.”

– Beatrice Botti, VP, Global Data & Privacy Officer

We have found it very helpful for streamlining privacy management without any time spent on understanding the new laws or how to interpret them. Its AI technology helps to analyze the company profile against all laws/policies and implement suitable policies. I also like the TrustArc support team which are technically strong and professionally resolved issues on time. Overall, It is easy to use and a very helpful platform for our organization.”

– Harish, Senior Software Analyst

PrivacyCentral is a great planning tool which helps us plan out the year and helps us understand and prioritize risk.”

– Mobile Engagement Software Customer

Cost-effective privacy program management

If you’re still relying on manual efforts to track changes in privacy laws, it won’t be long before it becomes impossible to keep up, much less get ahead. PrivacyCentral reduces your costs and time-to-compliance with powerful automation.