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One platform, seamless connectivity

Explore the power of TrustArc’s integrations for a unified experience. Leverage unlimited possibilities to simplify communication with your third-party applications and make life easier for your team.

Experience lightning-fast connectivity with Rapid API

Customize and connect to any system that supports REST APIs with our proprietary Rapid API. Easily customize with specific actions and workflows such as searching/finding data, modifying data, deleting data, and more for data subject request actions or for consent syncs.
  • Save time

    Automate the work that needs to be done to comply with DSRs and consents

  • Scalable

    Setup in minutes and clone with ease

  • Seamless

    APIs are triggered automatically and can be easily monitored and tracked

  • Stay in sync

    Keep all your systems in sync for consents and Data Subject data

Amplify automation with easy-to-set-up integrations

Explore innovative ways to connect and integrate with your favorite tools and scale your workflows customized to your business needs with over 240+ integrations.
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Focus on work, not making tools work

  • Easy setup
  • One-time implementation
  • Cross platform connectivity
  • Improved collaboration
  • Cost savings

TrustArc custom integrations

Scale with seamless integrations

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