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TrustArc’s Continued Evolution and Success

For 13 years, I (Chris) have had the pleasure of leading TrustArc as CEO. When I joined in 2009, we were the certification company TRUSTe and “privacy management” meant having a well-written and accurate privacy policy on your website. Wow, how the world has changed. Over the past decade we have seen amazing growth in the quantity and value of data, thereby creating a tremendous need for privacy technology to help companies manage and use data safely and legally.

From initially building SaaS technology to manage consent for tracking in ads and on websites, TrustArc evolved to build a unique SaaS platform to help companies scale and manage their privacy programs amid the incredible complexity caused by GDPR/CCPA/PIPL and a plethora of other laws and regulations. It has been an amazing experience to work with clients to solve these challenges alongside TrustArc’s brilliant employees!

Time has come for another evolution of TrustArc, which is my transition from CEO to a board member and advisor to the company. Along with the investors and board of TrustArc, I’m excited to share that Jason Wesbecher will be TrustArc’s new CEO.

Serving on the team as chief revenue officer for more than two years, Jason has led our go-to-market strategy and worked closely with customers to overcome their challenges. He has done an incredible job, and I look forward to working with Jason as he takes on this new role.

Chris Babel
Advisor and Board Member, TrustArc


Hi everyone. Jason here.

First and foremost, I want to thank Chris for not just building a great company but also creating an entire category around Data Privacy Management. It’s rare in the software industry to accomplish one of those feats, let alone two. I am excited to continue to partner with Chris in his capacity as an advisor and board member as we enter the next phase of TrustArc’s journey.

So, what does that phase look like? In the near term, it means we redouble our efforts to provide our customers with reliable, easy-to-use applications supported by world-class privacy experts. We also aspire to serve our customers as a trusted business partner committed to delivering projects on time and with full visibility into their three-year total cost of ownership. We know you don’t like surprises, and frankly, neither do we. With this keen focus, there is no doubt we will continue to see our growth accelerate and continue to beat our profitability goals and plans.

When Chris hired me two years ago, I was eager for the challenge ahead of all of us in this ecosystem. Companies must navigate a perplexing tsunami of global and statewide regulations — frequently using manual tools not purpose-built for the job. And it’s not letting up. Today, my commitment couldn’t be stronger as we work to enable all of us in the community to deliver on the promise that “privacy is a human right.”

Jason Wesbecher
CEO, TrustArc

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