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It’s Time to Embrace Consent & Preference Management

Jamie Vinkle

The Digital Shift is Here

It’s hard to believe that the current digital ecosystem hasn’t seen a significant shift since the early 2000s – but that is the reality of it.

Only in recent years has privacy, security, and how we communicate with users online become a burning topic in the digital world.

While there is no crystal ball revealing exactly where this shift is headed, there are new realities that are sure to be the norm moving forward.

And for advertisers and marketers, consent and preference management are front and center.

The New Path for Consent and Preference Management

The ecosystem for gathering, storing, and managing consent and consumer preferences is changing. Here is what we know so far.

  • Online advertisers are changing the way they track and interact with consumers
  • The shift in PII is moving from third-party to first-party collection
  • Proof of compliance isn’t just coming. It’s here

Death of the Third-Party Cookie

Lately, this phrase is often thrown around. Many big players in the tech industry have already removed these trackers from their software or added in mechanisms to give the power back to the consumer.

What does this mean? It means (at least for advertising and consumer engagement) that first party data collection will become even more important than it is already. 

CRM, SaaS, and Consumer Engagement

With this fundamental shift in online consumer engagement, reliance on customer relationship management (CRM) systems will be necessary.

If your company uses Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo (or similar cloud-based software), it’s important to start thinking about the consents and preferences of your users.

Not only will this be crucial to your online privacy ecosystem, but it is also required by law.

For an organization, this is a win-win. You’ll increase your compliance and build trust with users.

How TrustArc can Help

The consumer trust product line was built with these changes specifically in mind. Consent & Preference Manager integrates directly to HubSpot and Salesforce to help you manage your consent and preference requests.

Establish a customer preference center to help your consumers understand what information you are using and how you’re interacting with them online. Your consumers will have a single location to view their consent and update their preferences. You can use the customization wizard to make the center reflect your brand while providing more transparency to your consumers.

This allows for more customization with consent – so your consumers won’t be opting out of everything. Picture a tailored experience with your brand that fits their needs and online behaviors.

Consent & Preference Manager can also help in the following ways: 


Complete Your Consumer Trust Privacy Program

TrustArc also offers other products in the consumer trust realm. These additional products will help your business complete the entire consumer trust experience while keeping you compliant.

Check out the consumer trust suite.

The ecosystem for gathering, storing, and managing consent is changing. To effectively collect real-time consent your organization needs integrations with leading marketing systems like HubSpot and Salesforce.

Consent & Preference Manager allows marketers and privacy leaders to capture and manage real-time customer consent to build customer relationships and embrace the digital shift.

Get started with Consent & Preference Manager today. Book a demo to learn more.

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