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Guide to HIPAA Compliance

How to build and implement a program to demonstrate compliance with HIPAA

Covered healthcare entities and business associates partnering with these entities are responsible for maintaining HIPAA Compliance. As one of the U.S.’s first privacy laws, there are heavy consequences associated with HIPAA violations. It’s difficult for covered entities to know how and when to meet the safeguard requirements, and many business associates that didn’t intend to enter the healthcare arena find meeting requirements even more challenging. Discover the key challenges and recommendations to achieve HIPAA compliance.

Key takeaways include:
  • How to build a HIPAA compliance program

  • A 10-step guide for implementing and maintaining a HIPAA compliance program

  • Updates to HIPAA and recommendations for fitting new technology into older laws

Unsure Where You Stand? Get a HIPAA Assessment

TrustArc works with organizations to perform a detailed and comprehensive assessment of your current privacy program against the core privacy requirements of HIPAA and its associated regulations. Using a two-phase process, you’ll receive an actionable checklist and strategic priorities plan based on identified gaps to improve your efficiency of risk management activities.

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