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ROI of Privacy: Building a Case for Investment

Casey Kuktelionis

Reduce the Cost of Compliance and Add Dollars to Your Bottom Line

When you’re making an investment, you want to be sure it makes financial sense. You may have thought about investing in a privacy platform before but you’ve probably had difficulties calculating the ROI of privacy.

Is it even possible to quantify the ROI of privacy program management? How do you know if it’s worth investing in an automated privacy platform?

As more organizations invest in data privacy program management, executives are often surprised to see the time and resources that can be saved. In fact, privacy automation doesn’t cost your organization money – it saves it! 

Investing in a Privacy Platform Saves More than it Costs

That’s because manual processes to manage privacy are inefficient and time-consuming. The sheer volume of data records makes it nearly impossible to stay compliant with constantly changing privacy laws.

To avoid exposing your customers to downstream risk, you need a privacy platform that can scale across a global organization. A holistic privacy platform can support audits and reduce the cost of compliance and the risk of a privacy incident.

The Measurable Economic Value of TrustArc’s Privacy Platform

  • For every $1 spent on TrustArc’s privacy platform, clients receive a $2.26 return within 6 months 
  • Gains in efficiency and reduced spending generate a 126% ROI
  • The reduced risk of privacy incidents drives savings of $3 million annually


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Calculating the ROI of Privacy

Forrester constructed a Total Economic ImpactTM framework for those organizations considering an investment in the TrustArc privacy platform. The objective of the framework is to identify the cost, benefit, flexibility, and risk factors that affect the investment decision.

Forrester analysts constructed a financial model representative of the stakeholder interviews using the TEI methodology. The financial model was risk-adjusted based on issues and concerns of the purchasing organization.

Given the increasing sophistication of ROI analyses related to IT investments, Forrester’s TEI methodology provides a complete picture of the total economic impact of purchasing a privacy platform. Exact calculations are detailed in the study.

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