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The Instant ROI of Moving Away from a State-by-State Privacy Law Approach

Consumer data and state privacy laws vary greatly and are constantly changing. It’s difficult for organizations to make sense of all the rules and regulations — which leaves many businesses unknowingly vulnerable to heavy regulatory fines.

State Privacy Laws Change Fast, Your Team is Struggling to Keep Up

Keeping up with the growing number of state privacy laws can be a daunting task for any organization — especially those with customers who reside in different states.

Many states develop custom laws specific to their citizens, and those laws constantly change on a variety of different legislative session timelines.

For teams in charge of implementing privacy procedures, this is a heavy burden. Efforts are often unnecessarily duplicated to comply with new laws, and business processes are completely disrupted to conform to legislative updates.

Most times, this leads to very time-consuming and expensive projects. Organizations often hire consultants specific to certain privacy laws or implement solutions to meet the control requirements in a single law.

Instead, we recommend a holistic approach to see where a single effort could knock out multiple state legislation requirements.

Save Time and Money With A Framework Approach

To sift through the chaos, it’s important to leverage the work that you’re doing to comply with one law to help you comply with others. This is called a framework approach.

TrustArc’s tools outline the specific state privacy laws that impact your business and stack them against each other to evaluate similarities and differences.

Every element of the legislation is included within TrustArc — there’s no need for your organization to hire a legislative expert internally.

From there, our tools guide your team to manage the laws cohesively — which is significantly easier than trying to tackle each as a one-off.

Plus, it prevents your team from accidentally overspending on implementing multiple solutions to tackle the same guidelines in multiple states.

So Many States, So Many Privacy Laws offers practical tips to keep all of this information straight so you don’t lose time or money.

Invest in the Right Technology

Managing this legislation is an ongoing process, as new state privacy laws are constantly being introduced. Technology tools can make the process of tracking those laws significantly easier.

Your team can receive automatic alerts  about new legislation that will impact your business, leaving you with plenty of time to prepare.

With a better sense of what is being introduced, and what is close to being passed, your team can update privacy practices accordingly. Well before the threat of any regulatory fine starts looming.

The Bottom Line  

With so much happening in the world of privacy legislation, it’s essential to have a solution that helps you know where you stand and know what you need to do.

With PrivacyCentral, have visibility into your business and privacy program with a solution that dynamically monitors state privacy laws so you don’t have to.

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