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Seven Global Keys to Privacy

The challenge of managing an evolving global privacy regulatory landscape grows more complex each year. Coping with new regulations, implementing cross-border data transfer mechanisms, and maintaining a patchwork of separate local compliance requirements are the three most significant challenges enterprises face. Using our Global Privacy Benchmark Survey data, we’ve analyzed what sets an organization’s privacy program effectiveness apart. Our statistical modeling resulted in 12 items that are key to measuring privacy among professionals at all levels within enterprises across the globe.

Key takeaways include:
  • 7 Global Keys to Privacy

  • 5 Key Outcomes of Effective Privacy Operations

  • Why Reporting on Privacy KPIs is Critical

Organizations that establish Privacy KPIs exceed the Privacy Index score averages by up to 18 percentage points

How your privacy program is managed matters

Findings show that as the desire for a comprehensive data privacy management software solution increases, there is a correlated, dramatic rise in Privacy Index scores. Those “very likely” to buy an overall privacy management solution had Privacy Scores 8x higher than those “very unlikely.”

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