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Streamline Global Regulatory Updates with a Dynamic Map

Ricardo Giuliani

Staying on top of regulatory updates for a single country in a single language is a monumental task. The sheer volume and volatility of regulations and laws are hard to keep up with…

Now imagine having to do that for several countries! Many TrustArc customers have that same challenge.

Being ahead of what’s going on in all key jurisdictions that influence the organization is critical as a data privacy specialist. It enables you to anticipate new possible risks, devise mitigation strategies, and be assured that the company will not be caught off guard.

This brand new Nymity feature will quickly become your go-to: Country Summaries. Filter all available regulatory updates and content for that specific country with a single click. It’s that simple.

All the Regulatory Updates You Need at a Glance, by Country.

Country Summaries is an interactive map that allows you to quickly navigate to specific countries and filter all the available research and content for that region. Learn how to make this widget your new best friend.

  • Highlight only relevant countries
  • The anatomy of the Country Summary Page
  • The regulation and obligation filter

Highlight Only Your Relevant Countries.

It will be hard to miss this widget the next time you open your Nymity Research & Alerts Dashboard. The Country Summary is the first widget on the top left with a colorful map.

There’s more to this view than meets the eye, this experience can be customized to meet your needs.

Edit Country Selection

This map is all about getting to relevant regulatory updates for a specific region as fast as possible.

Watch how easy it is for you to highlight only your go-to countries:

View as a Map or List.

Just because our power users love this map view doesn’t mean it will be your favorite.

If you prefer a list of countries, you can simply switch to a list view:

Widget Location and Visibility

Setting up the Research & Alerts dashboard to match your workflow is a great way to get the most of TrustArc’s research tools.

You can reorganize or even remove widgets from your view.

  • To move a widget to a new location, look for the six blue dots (1) at the top left of each widget.
    • Simply click and drag to your desired location in the dashboard.
  • If you want to remove a widget from the dashboard, click the X (2) on the top right.
  • To bring a widget back, click the ‘widget’ (3) button at the top right of the page.
    • Once you click it, you will see a list of all available widgets.
    • The grey ones are the hidden ones, and the blue ones are visible.
    • To change the visibility of a widget, simply click on it.

The Anatomy of the Country Summary Page

Now that the technicalities of the feature are covered, you are ready to dive deeper where you will spend most of your time – the Country Summary Page!

As explained above, you can get to this page by clicking a country using the interactive map in the dashboard. You will see the ‘Country Summary’ widget when you first land on this page.

Before you dive deeper into it, let’s add the other available widgets to the page.

At the top right of the page – click the blue plus icon. A tray will slide out, and you can click and drag each widget into the page.

Below are descriptions of some widgets you may want to add. 

Country Summary

This widget gives you a Country Snapshot – containing the country’s flag and a short description providing a glimpse into the data privacy landscape (no pun intended).

To display the content available for that region, click the Regulation and Obligations drop-down and select the content category you’re looking for.

Regulation and Obligation Filter

This powerful filter is the gateway to narrow your search for specific content for that region. When you click the drop-down – don’t let the list scare you.

If you’re a Nymity user you may recognize it. As you can see in the image below there are three parts to the drop down.

  1. Quickly filter the drop down content using search
  2. Summary of Privacy Regulation Topics
  3. Drill down of common data processing obligations within privacy regulations


One of the most powerful aspects of our platform is regulatory research. In the resources widget, you will access all the available content filtered by the region you operate in.

The content can be searched and sorted by trending, relevance, or date.

TrustArc’s regulatory research solution contextualizes the latest regulatory updates through analysis built by impartial privacy experts and backed by an extensive global research database.

Enforcement Tracker

In the Enforcement Tracker widget, you get an overview of fines and penalties that have been imposed in the region selected. At a glance, you can see the date, name, fine amount, and agency that issued the enforcement.

Why is Regulatory Research important?

As a professional responsible for data privacy, staying on top of what’s happening in all relevant jurisdictions that affect the business is crucial.

It enables the foresight of new potential risks, proactive remediation strategies, and gives you confidence that the business won’t be caught with its guard down.

Doing regulatory research well and often can be more complicated than it seems.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to do regulatory research on your own:

  • Not all developments are critical or present a risk
  • Searching, assembling, and analyzing the information is time-consuming and requires expertise
  • Finding accurate and relevant privacy law information from regulators, orgs, and other lawmakers can be tricky as it changes often
  • Compiling this information to share internally for non-privacy stakeholders is important

This is not to discourage you from doing your regulatory research. However, from experience we know it’s an arduous task and without the proper time and resources, it rarely yields the benefits you were hoping for.

The TrustArc Nymity Research Advantage

You’re the kind of privacy professional who wants to be ahead of the curve. You understand knowledge is power, and to harness that power, you need to zero in only on data that matters and is actionable.

The challenge is canceling all the noise. The sheer volume and volatility of information often make most of us feel like we’re drowning and will never catch up.

We believe privacy pros shouldn’t spend time and energy deciphering critical information from noise. Yet – we understand it feels like you should read every line of new legislation.

You want to be sure you know all the details. But let’s face it – that’s just not realistic with the current pace of technology and regulatory updates.

That’s why we design and nurture the TrustArc Nymity Research & Alerts Platform. Our team of dedicated in-house experts analyzes 300 jurisdictions and builds a robust Regulatory Research database for you.

The TrustArc Nymity Research & Alerts provides:

  • Structured and contextualized privacy knowledge, built by impartial privacy experts and backed by an extensive global research database.
  • Analysis of legal and regulatory updates worldwide, creating detailed summaries that are easy to digest quickly and action.
  • Contextualized guidance – know what is most important based on a risk score or authority parameters.
  • Access to personalized maps & charts with regulatory information in the form of maps, charts, tables, and infographics.
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