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TrustArc Third Party Privacy Dispute Resolution

Initial Privacy Shield deadlines are just around the corner, and EU GDPR compliance isn’t far behind.

These fast-approaching dates are stirring up a renewed interest in a solution that TrustArc has been offering for years – alternative third party privacy dispute resolution.

Offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR) gives customers confidence that you are committed to their privacy and helps mitigate unintentional privacy violations that may accompany web page updates or new initiatives.

Privacy Dispute Resolution is a Requirement

The impending compliance dates remind us that providing privacy dispute resolution is often more than a consumer-friendly best practice – it’s a requirement.

When required, companies are generally presented with two options.

  • Refer a complaint directly to the local regulator (DPA)
  • Work with a third party dispute resolution solution provider

There are clear benefits to going the third party route – and selecting a third party trusted by both businesses and consumers may be the best way to turn unhappy customers into happy customers.

You will also want a solution that provides privacy expertise, cost certainty and efficient online processing.

Our solution checks all of these boxes while processing several thousand customer complaints each year helping thousands of customers maintain privacy compliance.

It’s included in most of our certification offerings and can also be selected as a standalone solution.

If you need to meet the ADR requirements of Privacy Shield or are simply interested in improving your customer experience, you’ll want to learn more about TrustArc Dispute Resolution.

How TrustArc Third Party Privacy Dispute Resolution Works

  • TrustArc collects the customer’s privacy notice that complaints will be assessed against and loads into the Data Privacy Management Platform.
  • TrustArc verifies that the customer has posted the required information about, and provided access to, TrustArc Dispute Resolution.
  • A consumer must first contact company. If no or unsatisfactory response, individual can file a complaint through TrustArc.
  • Complaints can be submitted online identifying the disputed URL or company name. TrustArc will respond to the individual within 10 days of receiving the complaint.
  • TrustArc will review and forward valid, privacy-related complaints that cannot be resolved through consumer education or the company for resolution. Company has 10 business days to respond to the consumer.
  • TrustArc then sends a notice of its determination and indicates that it has closed a Dispute Resolution complaint. The consumer (Complainant) or the customer has 14 calendar days to file an appeal.

Our dispute resolution services ensure key data privacy issues are addressed before they become larger problems.

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