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7 Key Steps Your Data Privacy Program Needs

Gary Edwards Co-Founder and Principal, Golfdale Consulting
Andrew Scott Privacy Counsel, TrustArc

In a survey conducted by TrustArc, we discovered the three biggest privacy challenges organizations face includes: coping with new regulations, implementing new cross-border data mechanisms, and maintaining a patchwork of separate local compliance requirements.

As privacy regulations worldwide continue to grow, there is an urgency for companies to get organized, so they can be able to manage any threats to their privacy program.

To get the positive outcome you want, join our webinar to learn the 7 key steps to privacy your organization needs to take to have a successful data privacy program.

This webinar reviews:

  • 7 Key Steps to Privacy
  • 5 Key Outcomes to Privacy
  • 2022 Global Privacy Index “Keys to Privacy” Results
  • How to effectively measure your privacy
  • Importance of identification of vendors involved
  • The impact of privacy software that has a purpose

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