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Artificial Intelligence Bill of Rights: Impacts on AI Governance

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is increasingly being used to make decisions that impact individuals and society as a whole. As the use of AI continues to grow, there is a need to establish guidelines and regulations to ensure that it is being used responsibly and ethically.

In October 2022, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) published a Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights (“Blueprint”), which shared a nonbinding roadmap for the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI). In this webinar, we will examine the key principles that underpin the bill, such as transparency, accountability, and fairness, and discuss how they can help ensure that the use of AI aligns with the values and rights of individuals.

Join our experts as they explore the guidelines for AI being discussed at the US Federal level and the concept of the AI Bill of Rights and its impacts on AI governance.

This webinar will review

  • An overview of the AI landscape
  • Opportunities and challenges being brought on by AI solutions
  • The impact AI has on innovation, data privacy and ethical decision-making

Webinar Speakers

Lindsay Palmer Senior Privacy Research Specialist, TrustArc
Paul Iagnocco Customer Enablement Lead and Senior Privacy Consultant, TrustArc
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