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Challenges & Risks Of Data Graveyards

Janalynn Schreiber Senior Privacy Consultant, TrustArc
Ralph T. O’Brien Senior Privacy Consultant

With the rise of big data, companies now obtain and store many data in massive quantities. As a result, they end up having giant repositories of unused data stored in their servers, also called data graveyards.

Storage infrastructure, maintenance costs, compliance with privacy laws, security gaps, and risk of data corruption: risks due to data graveyards are numerous.

What can organizations do with a large amount of data? How can you uncover the value of data before storing it? How can you manage the maintenance costs of big data?

Join our panel in this webinar as we explore how your company should manage the risks and challenges associated with data graveyards.

This webinar reviews:

  • What data graveyards are
  • How to manage data graveyards risks
  • How to define data retention periods and stay compliant

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