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Everything you need to know about EU-US DPF but are afraid to ask

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Hooray! The long-awaited EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Frameworks are officially adequate! Now what?

Well, now the real work begins for companies who want to join (or re-join!) into one of the premier international privacy standards. As the White House shared, transatlantic data flows are critical to enabling the $7.1 trillion EU-U.S. economic relationship. With the EU-US Data Privacy Framework in effect, businesses will have the ability to transfer personal data from the EU to the U.S. in compliance with GDPR and EU law.

Join our panel of experts for an interactive discussion about all things DPF. Be sure to bring your questions to the session because we will be ready to answer them!

During the webinar, we'll answer these questions and more:

  • Why is the EU-US DPF important to the international community and businesses?
  • What are the benefits of DPF verification?
  • How do I get started with DPF?
  • How can I get verified or certified quickly?

Webinar Speakers

Noël Luke Chief Assurance Officer, TrustArc
Beth Sipula Director
Barbara Cosgrove VP, Chief Privacy Officer, Workday
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