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GDPR, PIPL, LGPD – What's the Difference Anyway?

Andy McMenamy
Dr. K Royal Global Chief Privacy Officer, Crawford & Company
Emerald de Leeuw Global Head of Privacy, Logitech

Global privacy laws bloom one after the other: first the European GDPR, then the Brazilian LGPD, and now the Chinese PIPL. All of them aim to unify the multiple local privacy laws that regulate the processing of personal data.

But this increasing number of laws can make it difficult for companies to keep up and stay compliant. What differentiates those laws from one another? Do they all impact your company? Do they take different approaches in enforcement?

This on-demand webinar reviews:

  • The differences between the current global privacy laws
  • The global privacy laws trends
  • What your company needs to do to be compliant

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