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How Data Privacy Demands Impact Your Marketing Program

  • On Demand

Ask any modern marketer for their favorite privacy acronym, and they will probably tell you: GDPR, LGPD, CCPA, or PIPL – and that’s before we factor in layers of data ethics or self-regulatory practices like opt-in, opt-out, CDPs and CMPs, PII and SPI, AMIs and beyond cookies. Too often, there is a lack of clear guidance for marketers on how to transform compliance requirements into Marketing practices.

Not to mention the fact that many times the legalese leaves room for broad interpretation, giving rise to questions like: Do you need consent for everything? Can your company capture consent in exchange for content? How is notice and enhanced notice being extended?

In this webinar, we explore tactics and strategies Marketing teams can implement to comply with both privacy laws and important self-regulatory programs and still achieve consumer trust and exceed business objectives.

This webinar will review:

  • Consent and marketing under current privacy laws and regulations
  • What you can and cannot do to identify prospects, generate leads and convert into customers
  • The key questions a marketer needs to ask their agencies and ad tech service providers

Webinar Speakers

Ganesh Vasudeva Director of Product Management, TrustArc
Janalynn Schreiber Senior Privacy Consultant, TrustArc
Chet Dalzell Communications & Engagement, Digital Advertising Alliance
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