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Level-Up Your Healthcare Privacy Program

Sharon S. Kamowitz Senior Privacy Consultant
Meaghan McCluskey Associate General Counsel, Research, TrustArc

The last two years have provided the healthcare industry with numerous new challenges. While many healthcare providers remain in the thick of responding to COVID-19 at the delivery level, other IT, Privacy, Data Governance, and business leaders in healthcare are preparing to use their digital transformation for further progressive change.

According to a TrustArc survey, not less than 9 of 10 healthcare leaders say privacy is an important factor in most of their decisions! With the rapid adoption of virtual health and other digital innovations, consumers’ increasing involvement in care decision-making and the push for interoperable data and data analytics use, how can the healthcare industry adapt?

Join our panel on this webinar as we explore the privacy risks the healthcare industry will likely encounter in 2022 and how healthcare companies can use privacy as a differentiating factor.

This webinar reviews:

  • The state of privacy management in healthcare
  • How the healthcare industry should face current privacy challenges
  • How healthcare companies can differentiate themselves with their privacy program

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