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Managing Online Tracking Technology Vendors: A Checklist for Compliance

  • On Demand

Unlock the definitive guide to managing your online tracking technology vendors effectively. This webinar delves into a comprehensive and actionable set of best practices that every organization needs. From meticulous website scans to in-depth contract reviews, from precise consent categorization to harmonizing diverse frameworks, our checklist ensures you cover all the crucial touchpoints. Equip yourself with this essential framework and confidently navigate the complex landscape of online tracking compliance, using our step-by-step roadmap as your trusted reference.

Join our panel of experts in the webinar as they equip you with the knowledge and strategies for navigating vendor relationships under CPRA.

This webinar will review:

  • Insights into key US and EU laws affecting tracking technology practices
  • Best practices for managing tracker risk, including website scans, banner behavior, consent categorization, and tag manager alignment
  • Implementing internal processes for cross-collaboration
  • How contract requirements affect tracker categorization

Webinar Speakers

Andrew Scott Privacy Counsel, TrustArc
Ryan Ostendorf Product Manager, TrustArc
Taylor A. Bloom Partner, BakerHostetler
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