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Mitigating Third-Party Risk: Best Practices for CISOs

  • On Demand

Organizations rely heavily on third-party vendors and partners to enhance operational efficiency and deliver innovative solutions in today’s interconnected digital landscape. However, this increased reliance on third parties also introduces a complex web of security and privacy risks that can have far-reaching consequences for organizations’ data, reputation, and compliance.

Join us for an insightful and informative webinar as we delve into mitigating third-party risks. This webinar will provide essential strategies and best practices to ensure robust security and privacy measures when collaborating with external entities.

You will learn about:

  • What’s the current state of risk management?
  • Who owns third-party risk in the organization?
  • What are we solving for?
  • What are organizational implications around third-party risk?
  • What are the unique implications for Cloud Processing?

Webinar Speakers

Paul Iagnocco Head, Customer Enablement & Principal, Data Privacy, TrustArc
Martin Gomberg Senior Privacy Consultant
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