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Navigating the Privacy Landscape in 2023: Insights from a Global Corporate Survey

  • On Demand

Discover how organizational priorities and strategic approaches to data security and privacy are developing across the globe. Gain a deeper understanding of how your organization’s privacy program compares to those of your peers and learn about the emerging trends that will shape the future of privacy.

Hear insights from more than 1,500 global privacy professionals and business executives. Our 4th Annual Global Privacy Benchmarks Survey presents a comprehensive analysis of the progress made by privacy programs in the past year, the expansion of privacy teams, and the most pressing privacy challenges faced by organizations.

This webinar will review:

  • A retrospective analysis of how the privacy and privacy outcomes have evolved over the years, and how they have impacted the privacy landscape
  • Detailed analysis of legislation around the world has had an impact on organizations
  • Insights into how organizations are addressing privacy challenges and the best practices that have emerged in response to them

Webinar Speakers

Gary Edwards PhD
Meaghan McCluskey Associate General Counsel, Research, TrustArc
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