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Your Guide to Understanding Global Privacy Control: Preparing for CCPA

  • On Demand

Back in 2020, GPC was introduced in the CCPA as a way to help keep consumer information safe by allowing users to opt-out with a single click rather than manually selecting each opt-out. However, the recent CCPA regulations create greater obligations for certain companies, specifically those that can identify known users and those that provide loyalty programs. Being unprepared for the new Global Privacy Control (GPC) obligations under the CPRA can open your company to risk.

Prepare your business for compliance with GPC and other browser signals.

This webinar will review:

  • What is GPC & why is it important
  • How does GPC impact your business and your customers under the new CCPA regulations?
  • How to operationalize GPC requirements using software for your business

Webinar Speakers

Andrew Scott Privacy Counsel, TrustArc
Ryan Ostendorf Product Manager, TrustArc
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