The 2020 Schrems-II decision impacted Privacy Shield Certified organizations by calling into question the regulation’s validity as a cross-border transfer mechanism. While regulators determine a resolution, global organizations require an effective and demonstrable mechanism that aids in upholding EU-U.S. Privacy Shield requirements and established privacy principles. The TRUSTe International Privacy Verification is a solution that helps organizations by verifying their […]

If your organization transfers data from the EU into another country, the European Commission’s new updates to Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs), Adequacy Decisions, and EDPB Data Transfer Guidance may be relevant to you.

Almost a year after the Schrems-II decision, the news from Europe on international data transfers doesn’t stop.

On this week’s episode  of Serious Privacy, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal discuss the new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) for international transfers that were adopted by the European Commission on 4 June 2021. These model contracts, that come in four modules, finally replace the old SCCs, some of which date back to the early 2000s. The modernised versions are fully GDPR compliant, embrace the accountability […]

In this episode of Serious Privacy, K Royal is joined by guest co-host Ralph O’Brien, who brings that United Kingdom perspective to data protection. As a well-known and respected privacy professional, Ralph took the opportunity to discuss some of the current hot topics in privacy with K, such as the impact of #Brexit on managing privacy programs in Europe. Join us as we discuss the UK […]

Happy Data Protection Day! Paul Breitbarth and K Royal kick off Season 2 of the Serious Privacy podcast with a special guest, Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland. She is probably one of the best known data protection regulators around the world, with her office having the duty to supervise most major tech companies doing business in Europe. That comes with a lot of public scrutiny, and […]

DEC 8, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 45 Since the Schrems-II judgment came down on July 16th, the message has slowly sunk in that Europe is serious about looking at privacy and data protection through the glasses of fundamental rights protection. That was even reinforced by the Privacy International and Quadrature du Net cases, published at the start of October. Any interference with the […]

NOV 18, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 42 In just a single week, so much has happened. The California Privacy Rights Act was passed by voters and will come into effect on 1 January 2023, the Court of Justice of the European Union once again confirmed that consent is not valid when relying upon pre-ticked boxes, and the European Data Protection Board issued its Recommendations on international data […]

NOV 10, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 40 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc Privacy and data protection are not just a job for lawyers or professionals who specialize in privacy – not anymore. Technology plays an important role in ensuring personal data can remain private. Ensuring that personal data is secure but useful requires a level of skill found […]

SEP 22, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 33 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc 2020 is the gift that keeps on giving. In this episode, Paul Breitbarth and K Royal revisit some of the issues discussed on previous episodes, but with a guest who has a unique global perspective. Our guest today is an American in Brussels. He is the Deputy Chief Privacy Officer […]

SEP 14, 2020 SEASON 1 EPISODE 32 Paul Breitbarth and K Royal of TrustArc This past week in privacy law saw several unexpected developments. When this podcast started back in January, the intention was to record a series of conversations between K Royal and Paul Breitbarth with an occasional guest or recorded conference panel discussion. They would discuss what had […]

Updated: September 10, 2020 – Review the regional Data Protection Authorities’ guidance and download the entire chart below. Where applicable, see regional regulator responses including their overall comment, specific Privacy Shield comment and guidance on SCC assessments.