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Leadership Team

Eric Sendelbach

Chief Product Officer

Eric joined TrustArc in January 2024 as its Chief Product Officer, bringing with him a modern, pragmatic approach in fast-paced, growth-oriented companies. Eric has a strong track record of delivering creative solutions to business problems through technology, strategic vision, and a strong, practical skillset to execute and deliver when appropriate.

Prior to TrustArc, Eric spent a decade building and scaling MOBI, a SaaS company that centralizes and automates the management of connected devices and endpoints for the world’s most recognizable brands. He led strategy and execution across all technology-oriented disciplines including corporate IT, product, infrastructure, software engineering, security, compliance, and privacy. Eric’s experience spans from the earliest-stage startups to scaling products across the globe.

Outside of work, Erics enjoys visiting theme parks with his wife and kids, securing pull-through parking spaces, and supporting the merits of decaffeinated beverages.

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