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Leadership Team

Mike Kenny

Chief Data Officer

Mike joined TrustArc in June 2021 to lead revenue operations at TrustArc and created a thorough and rigorous process to analyze funnels from end-to-end, leading a critical transformation of the Sales go-to-market motion. As TrustArc’s Chief Data Officer, Mike’s metric-driven playbook of accountability and transparency extends to all aspects of the business to create an organization that uses data as its true north star for all decision-making.

Before joining TrustArc, Mike led global sales operations for Corel Corporation and Absolute Software. With over 30+ years of experience in sales and operations roles, Mike brings a keen understanding of the different disciplines within an organization, attention to detail in how they work together, and the ability to translate these inputs into playbooks and metrics that supercharge results and revenue for organizations. When Mike isn’t transforming data into dollars, he’s with his family and two dogs enjoying the Texas Hill Country and his 4 Emmys on the shelf.

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