TrustArc Intelligent Privacy Automation Platform Combined With Nymity Privacy Research Enable Organizations to Unleash Their Data

Today we’re pleased and proud to be announcing that TrustArc has acquired Nymity, a fellow pioneer in the privacy solutions market.


Our vision is to combine the best privacy research, assessment tools, and data subject rights solutions from Nymity with the best intelligent privacy automation platform from TrustArc to deliver fresh, novel approaches to enable organizations of any size,  sector, or region to more effectively harness their data. Our two companies have a shared history of innovation.


Our experience in the space boasts almost 40 years, and we’re excited to be able to combine this heritage with our focus on next-generation technology to provide new value to customers.


As public and regulatory expectations escalate, demand for privacy solutions continues to grow. New laws are being passed and updated with increasing frequency, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will be applied on January 1, 2020.


We understand businesses need a partner who they can rely on to provide the very best service to help them navigate the ever-changing privacy legislative landscape.

Unmatched Experience Fosters Tremendous Opportunity


Since 1997, TrustArc has evolved from its origins as the pioneer in enabling organizations to demonstrate trust online through seals and certifications to today’s leading intelligence-driven privacy management platform provider. Since 2002, Nymity has delivered the industry’s most robust practical privacy research, assessment, and data subject rights solutions, helping organizations in all industry sectors around the world design, build, and manage their privacy programs.


“With our unrivaled privacy experience, TrustArc and Nymity will deliver the next generation of solutions that empower privacy, security, IT, legal, and business teams to efficiently drive insights, operationalize compliance, manage risk, and demonstrate accountability,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc.

“Our vision in merging is to deliver fresh, novel approaches to enable organizations of any size, sector, or region to effectively ‘unleash their data’ to drive value for customers, employees and shareholders.”

Acquisition Increases TrustArc Global Footprint by 50 Percent


Since our early beginnings, we’ve built a strong foundation of capabilities and products that have helped lead the industry. Now we enter the next chapter in the company’s life and with Nymity we are excited to extend our reach even further. We have designated Canada as a key development center, with operations now in Toronto and Vancouver.


We’re also combining their operations in Europe to increase support for organizations that must manage their compliance with GDPR, as well as complex regional and cross-border obligations.


“Nymity is thrilled to become part of the TrustArc team. Together, our organizations can deliver unmatched privacy insights that drive a simple, visionary approach to data privacy and compliance,” said Terry McQuay, president and founder, Nymity.

“We will continue to offer customers Nymity and TrustArc solutions and services as we work to align our organizations and powerful platforms and frameworks.”

Alignment Delivers Suite of Accountability, Risk, and Compliance Solutions


The Nymity line of privacy solutions is now an integral part of the TrustArc platform.


The Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework is being aligned with the TrustArc Privacy and Data Governance Framework to deliver an integrated suite of accountability, risk, and compliance solutions powered by the TrustArc platform to address records of processing and data inventories, assessments, and data subject rights management.


Nymity’s 18 years of experience and expertise in delivering practical research will bolster the actionable Privacy Intelligence embedded in the TrustArc Platform, including its Intelligence Engine, Privacy Profile, and newly launched .


With change comes opportunity. Together, we will reimagine privacy and deliver on the path forward to new possibilities for our customers and for our own development.


About TrustArc


TrustArc is the leader in privacy compliance and data protection solutions and offers an unmatched combination of innovative technology, services and TRUSTe certification solutions. TrustArc addresses all phases of privacy program management and has been delivering innovative privacy solutions for two-decades to companies across all industries. The TrustArc platform leverages deep privacy expertise and proven methodologies, which have been continuously enhanced through thousands of customer engagements. Headquartered in San Francisco, and backed by a global team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, TrustArc helps customers worldwide demonstrate compliance, minimize risk and build trust. For additional information visit

About Nymity, Inc.


Nymity Inc. provides business-friendly privacy compliance software solutions that minimize time to compliance with the world’s privacy laws including the CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD. Nymity solutions reduce complexity and improve responsiveness to the business as they are based on four levels of research maintained in the only Expert Privacy Platform available in the market today. Dedicated to privacy law compliance since 2002, Nymity pioneered privacy compliance software over a decade before privacy rose to global prominence. Nymity is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and London, UK, with offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Portugal and Colombia. To learn more visit us at