San Francisco, December 12, 2018TrustArc, the leading data privacy management company, today launched a privacy compliance validation package to help cloud companies meet and demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR.

New privacy regulations like GDPR require companies to make significant changes to their privacy program in order to avoid potential fines and lost business. Some key changes include:

  • Maintaining ongoing compliance vs. point-in-time reviews
  • Producing compliance reports and audit trails
  • Demonstrating compliance to customers and partners

Achieving GDPR compliance has been difficult for many companies according to research published by Dimensional Research and TrustArc. Top compliance challenges include knowledge of regulations (48 percent); qualified staff (45 percent); and access to technology and tools (42 percent). Also, 50 percent of companies are looking for a way to demonstrate compliance in advance of an official GDPR certification standard. Small and mid-sized enterprises are most impacted because they often lack the resources required to manage the ongoing requirements for complex privacy regulations like GDPR.

“The TrustArc Privacy Compliance Package helps companies by addressing a broad range of needs,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “The solution provides both technology and expertise to help companies achieve and demonstrate ongoing compliance, which is critical to maintaining
trust and reducing compliance risk.”

The TrustArc Cloud Privacy Compliance Package streamlines the compliance process, enabling companies to more easily develop a plan, implement controls, and demonstrate ongoing compliance with GDPR. The package includes:

TrustArc Privacy Platform

  • Data Flow Manager to build and maintain a data inventory, record of business processes, and Assessment Manager to conduct a GDPR maturity assessment, identify gaps, manage data protection impact assessments (DPIA), and produce compliance reports, including for GDPR Article 35

TrustArc GDPR Validation

  • Independent GDPR Practices Validation for one or more cloud-based services and a validation letter which can be used to demonstrate compliance with customers and partners

TrustArc Expert Resources

  • Guidance from privacy experts to lead the compliance review and validation process
    along with access to ongoing guidance

For additional information, visit: Cloud Privacy Compliance Package

About TrustArc

TrustArc is the leader in privacy compliance and data protection solutions and offers an unmatched combination of innovative technology, services and TRUSTe certification solutions. TrustArc addresses all phases of privacy program management and has been delivering innovative privacy solutions for two-decades to companies across all industries. The TrustArc platform leverages deep privacy expertise and proven methodologies, which have been continuously enhanced through thousands of customer engagements. Headquartered in San Francisco, and backed by a global team across the Americas, Europe, and Asia, TrustArc helps customers worldwide demonstrate compliance, minimize risk and build trust. For additional information visit


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