TrustArc has been named to the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) 2014 Online Trust & Honor Roll for the fifth year in a row. The honor roll recognizes a firm’s commitment to best practices in security, privacy, and data stewardship.


OTA is a nonprofit organization focused on working with industry leaders to enhance online trust and empower users while promoting innovation and growth of the internet.


The OTA helps educate businesses, policymakers and stakeholders in developing advanced best practices and tools to enhance the protection of users’ security, privacy, and identity. Supports collaborative public-private partnerships, benchmark reporting, self-regulation, and data stewardship.


The 2014 OTA includes a composite analysis focusing on three major categories:

  1. Domain, Brand & Consumer Protection
  2. Site, Server & Infrastructure Security
  3. DATA Protection, Privacy & Transparency


In addition to increased scoring criteria raising the bar in this year report, the 2014 report includes scoring for sites who comply with California Do Not Track Disclosers, have adopted short/layered privacy policies and have implemented Tab Management Systems or Privacy Solutions.


“Consumer protection, data security and privacy are key to consumer trust and the vitality of the internet,”  said Craig Spiezle, Executive Director and Founder, Online Trust Alliance.


“TrustArc exemplifies the recognition of the importance of these issues and continues to lead by example.”


Being named to the 2014 Honor Roll is a significant achievement considering only 30% qualified for the Honor Roll and 52.7% failed in one or more areas.  The large number of companies that received failing marks included inadequate domain and consumer protection (31%), insecure websites (11%), and inadequate privacy policies or data collection practices (28%).


Download a free copy of the report here.