Ahead of AdTech SF this week, TrustArc launched TRUSTed Interests – the first privacy-friendly interests management solution which puts consumers in control of their ad experience.


Consumers feel inundated with irrelevant advertising and are concerned about their activity being tracked online. But, it’s also not easy for consumers to navigate how to share their interests with the ad ecosystem simply.


TRUSTed Interests is an extension to the TRUSTe Data Privacy Management Platform, which enables consumers to share and manage details of their interests across mobile and desktop devices.


This can revolutionize the ad industry, addressing consumer and regulatory privacy concerns while giving consumers control over their advertising experience and enabling advertisers to deliver more relevant ads.


“The promise of delivering custom-tailored advertising messages across devices is why advertisers work with us, and this innovative solution will bring added value to our clients’ campaigns. By delivering ads targeted towards known consumer interests, our whole industry will benefit.”

– Eric Rosenblum, COO, Drawbridge


The TrustArc Privacy Index, Advertising Edition Consumer Interests highlights findings from research conducted by Ipsos MORI which show that while 82% of consumers are concerned about the type of personal information collected through their web-browsing history, 39% of consumers are willing to share details of specific products and services they are interested in with advertisers in exchange for a more relevant ad experience.


Additionally, field tests of TRUSTed Interests revealed 9 out of 10 consumers chose to share details of their interests instead of opting-out of online behavioral advertising.


“With TRUSTed Interests, we have witnessed high consumer engagement with setting interests, especially on mobile devices. Most important, the fact that half of these consumers selected multiple interests provides even more valuable information that will help our clients deliver more relevant ads to their audiences.”

– Bob Walczak, General Manager of Mobile and Video at PubMatic


The initial implementations of TRUSTed Interests focus on creating a better consumer advertising experience to benefit the entire ad ecosystem through the delivery of privacy-friendly, relevant ads. To learn more about this first privacy-friendly interests management solution, visit http://www.truste.com/interests.


Click here for the video.