Data is the vehicle driving today’s enterprises. While technological innovations are continually feeding the ever-increasing and insatiable appetite for data, the sheer volume of data is creating greater challenges for those tasked with data privacy protection.


According to a 2014 IAPP study of 400 privacy professionals, not only is data risk assessment one of the top two priorities for organizations, but these privacy professionals also urgently need tools to perform their jobs effectively.


While challenges of the global privacy landscape continue to grow and change rapidly, companies must quickly assess their current policies and implement programs to protect their brand reputation and minimize privacy compliance risk.


To address this growing need, TrustArc today launched TRUSTed Assessments, an expansion of its industry-leading Data Privacy Management Platform.


TRUSTed Assessments shares many similarities with our leading certification products, but with a unique, enhanced feature set aimed at a different objective. TRUSTed Assessments is driven by CIPP-trained consultants.


While the certification process ideally results in an outwardly facing Privacy Seal, the TRUSTed Assessment result is inwardly-focused.


Companies often need assessments to drive internal decision-making, analyze the impact of a unique situation, better understand risk and prioritize scarce and valuable resources.


To meet these objectives, TRUSTed Assessments features include:

  • Custom Engagement Scoping
  • Data  Collection and Discovery
  • Digital Property Scanning & Analysis
  • Data Mapping
  • Privacy Findings Report & Gap Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • Recommendations & Ongoing Guidance


With so many choices, why choose TrustArc for your next privacy assessment?


The fact that we’ve practiced a proven assessment methodology for 17 years is just a start. Our team of 140 privacy professionals have developed experience and earned industry recognition while helping more than 5,000 global brands with their privacy needs.


What’s more, we’ve developed proprietary technologies and tools to add greater efficiency in the assessment. If you’re looking for experience, knowledge, technology and trust… look no further.


EU Safe Harbor for HR Data Assessments

The assessment helps prepare companies to verify compliance with the US-EU and US-Swiss Safe Harbor Framework.


TrustArc helps identify relevant employee data flows, assess policies and practices against the framework, and analyze any issues concerning vendors and service providers such as payroll and benefits services.


Armed with our gap analysis and remediation recommendations, TrustArc can assist in the development of policies, training programs, and help you prepare for the self-certification process with the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

These assessments focus on assessing a particular product, program or mobile app, to identify and minimize privacy risks.


Depending on the specific scope of the project, deliverables may include a map describing the data lifecycle and initial drafts of key policy documents (such as internal privacy guidelines and an external privacy policy), including recommended contractual considerations for vendors/partners, and other relevant documents.


To find out more about TRUSTed Assessments, read the full press release and visit