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TrustArc has decades of unrivaled deep expertise and leadership in building and maturing comprehensive privacy programs and enabling continuous compliance, information governance and data security alongside the changing privacy landscape, for more than 1,500 companies across the globe.

Privacy leaders simplify and automate their privacy programs with the TrustArc Privacy Management Platform. This single platform experience is delivered through its unique combination of privacy frameworks, insights, intelligence, knowledge and operations. Only TrustArc can deliver the depth of continuous privacy intelligence, coupled with a fully-automated platform for end-to-end privacy management, that’s essential for navigating today’s ever-changing digital world.

I have worked with and purchased the services and tools of TrustArc for almost ten years now. In that time, I have introduced TrustArc into two companies as a trusted, objective third-party to review and assess our compliance with GDPR, CCPA and the EU Cookie Directive. I am consistently happy with the support I get from TrustArc and I value the relationship a great deal.

-David Bowden, Vice President – InfoSec, Compliance & Privacy, Zwift, Inc.


TrustArc’s tools and platform are invaluable to managing and accelerating our privacy program. Without them, we’d be much less efficient and frequently playing catch-up.

-Ray Everett, Chief Privacy Officer, Blackhawk Network Inc.


TrustArc came through for us when we needed to quickly and efficiently ramp up for the CCPA. Their technology is essential to our business and key to achieving our CCPA compliance.

-Joseph Moran, Chief Compliance Officer, Celebrity Home Loans


TrustArc helped us build our compliance program, which greatly accelerated the business.

– Kevin Song, Director of Security Compliance, Xiaomi


TrustArc’s Risk Profile helps us to efficiently evaluate the risk associated with data privacy and apply proper follow-up actions. They make it easy to see where we have increased inherent and residual risk, and where more effort needs to be made. We depend upon the platform to act as a single source for our data privacy requirements, helping us centralize critical aspects of our data privacy program.

-Matthew Engler, Director, Risk & Compliance, Stefanini


TrustArc made us feel more comfortable with our existing privacy setup and with whatever new privacy legislation may come our way.

-Adam Stokes, Data Protection Officer


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