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Privacy Frameworks: The Foundation for Every Privacy ProgramWEBINAR

The Nymity Privacy Management Accountability Framework(™) and the TrustArc Privacy and Data Governance Framework have come together! During this webinar, you will learn all about the integrated framework and how to use the Frameworks that you have been used to for many years going forward.

April 15, 2020 | 9am PST / 12pm EST / 4pm GMT

TrustArc simplifies privacy management for the CCPA, GDPR, LGPD and 900+ other global regulations with our comprehensive technology platform.

TrustArc Frameworks, Knowledge, Operations, Intelligence

Manage Privacy More Effectively
Privacy, Data Governance, and Accountability Frameworks provide the content layer of our platform and a resource for simplifying management of thousands of requirements across over 900 privacy laws.


Get the Insight You Need, When You Need It
Supported by our Frameworks, Research and Alerts – including our Reference of the Day, Awareness Tracker, Operational Templates, Law Comparisons, and Legal Summaries provide the most up-to-date, content-rich, privacy and data security insights on demand for everyone across your business when they need it.


Focus on What Matters Most to Your Business
Through automation of our Frameworks, our Privacy Profile, Risk Profile, Benchmarking and Planner, Assessment Manager, and Attestor deliver contextual, actionable insights to enable your organization to identify privacy requirements, build and mature your privacy program and processes, mitigate privacy risks, and demonstrate compliance and accountability to management, the board, regulators, partners, and customers.


Save Time and Provide Real-Time Insights Through Automation
Eliminate privacy process inefficiencies and delays with the structured automation and real-time status insights delivered through integrated operational workflows for understanding and managing your data flows, managing privacy preferences and consumer rights, and managing your KPIs, provided by our Data Inventory Hub, Individual Rights Manager, Cookie Consent Manager, Mobile App Compliance, Website Scanning and Monitoring, Ads Compliance, and our comprehensive Dashboard.

Three Critical Outcomes Mitigate Privacy Risk 

Scalable Privacy Operations

Scalable Privacy Operations

Technology that helps you understand, manage and automate your privacy program

Why Does It Matter?

Helps teams of any size and maturity, across all functions, simplify privacy management

Dynamic Privacy Intelligence

Dynamic Privacy Intelligence

Real-time delivery of relevant privacy knowledge and tasks in the context of your company’s privacy goals

Why Does It Matter?

Helps you quickly understand which of the thousands of requirements across hundreds of privacy laws apply and what to do

Automated Business Insights

Automated Business Insights

Centralized key performance indicators, metrics and reporting across your program, processes, & risks

Why Does It Matter?

Enables you to understand and minimize your risks and be prepared to be accountable and responsive to any request today and in the future

TrustArc Provides a Unique Set of Capabilities


Powerful Privacy Technology

  • Combination of two industry leaders: TrustArc + Nymity
  • Delivers scalable privacy operations, dynamic privacy intelligence and automated business insights
  • Purpose built for privacy

Proven Privacy Methodology

  • Informed through 10,000+ engagements
  • Validated across all maturity phases and jurisdictions 
  • Based on proprietary Frameworks incorporating all global standards and regulations

Deep Privacy Expertise

  • Global regulatory knowledge refined over 20+ years
  • Former CPOs and privacy office leaders
  • Hands-on experience across all industries and jurisdictions

TrustArc Powers Privacy Across the Globe

Companies of all sizes, from all industries, and at all phases of compliance choose TrustArc.

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