By Adobe Privacy Team 


As governments globally continue to address data privacy, organizations have seen how a privacy-by-design approach can yield significant benefits. Since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), research has shown that companies who build privacy into the foundation of their product lifecycle have seen a competitive advantage with more positive customer satisfaction, increased trust, and even higher employee morale and revenue.


Earlier last year, we teamed up with TrustArc, which has a rich history of helping companies demonstrate compliance, to independently validate our GDPR readiness. We’re excited to build upon this and announce that Adobe is now certified under the new Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) for various offerings within Adobe Experience Cloud, further demonstrating our commitment and readiness to support our global customers and partners.


This puts us among a small group of leading organizations that have demonstrated the ability to support data controllers in compliance with the APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR).

TrustArc PRP certification


The APEC Cross Border Privacy Rules (CBPR) and PRP are voluntary enforceable, accountability-based data privacy certifications. The framework was endorsed by the 21 APEC Member Economies to promote accountable and responsible transfers of personal information around the globe.


While the APEC CBPR only applies to data controllers, the APEC PRP was established to provide a mechanism to help controllers identify qualified and accountable processors and help those processors demonstrate their ability to support controllers in compliance with the CBPR.


TrustArc CEO Chris Babel said, “We believe a strong data privacy management program is critical for companies to build customer trust. We reviewed and certified the privacy practices of Adobe to ensure they meet the terms of PRP participation and can demonstrate this privacy commitment to users, partners and regulators.”

Continued commitment to privacy principles


As we continue to build on our strong privacy foundation, we find it incredibly important to participate in these types of certification and validation programs to help demonstrate our compliance with globally recognized privacy standards.


Knowing privacy is top-of-mind for our customers and partners alike, we’re also listening and anticipating their needs by introducing various services and tool as part of our Adobe Experience Platform Privacy Service and the Privacy JavaScript Library.


We are committed to privacy-by-design principles and demonstrating accountability and transparency.


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