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Data Privacy Day (or Data Protection Day, if you are based in Europe) is upon us! Every year on January 28th, we take this time to create awareness about the importance of data privacy, keeping data safe and enabling trust. We take being a Data Privacy Day Champion seriously, and are proud to spread the #privacyaware message.  

The topic of data privacy continues to evolve as privacy regulations are introduced, established, and enforced. With an increased focus on consumer rights around the world, regulators and consumers are proactively and constantly monitoring organizations’ ability to safely handle the data they have on individuals, while properly managing data subject rights. Companies now more than ever have the powerful opportunity to prove themselves as a privacy-forward business by being proactive instead of reactive. 

While there’s many ways to celebrate Data Privacy Day, TrustArc is honoring the day by providing resources that help businesses stay informed on emerging trends and best practices.

Serious Privacy Podcast

Last year, TrustArc celebrated Data Privacy/Protection Day by launching the Serious Privacy podcast with hosts K Royal and Paul Breitbarth. The podcast features open, unscripted discussions with global privacy professionals working on the front lines of data privacy. Season one covered a wide range of topics, such as COVID-19 privacy implications, developments with the EU Schrems-II decision, “sharenting”, and careers in privacy. Season 1 received wide recognition and gained popularity among not only privacy professionals, but also IT, cybersecurity, and business professionals. Season 2 is shaping up to be even better, kicking off with a very special guest. 

EU Privacy Update: What to Watch for in 2021 Webinar

To recognize Data Privacy Day this year, we are excited to bring you a webinar that will provide updates for the EU privacy landscape. There has been no shortage of privacy regulatory developments over the past year regarding EU data. As we enter into 2021, we continue to deal with implications of passed legislation as well as prepare for upcoming privacy laws, regulations and codes. Join Paul Breitbarth (TrustArc Director EU Policy & Strategy) and Milla Kella (Telia Company Privacy Legal Counsel) as they discuss the status of EU privacy and what to watch for in Q1. Register here. Can’t make this webinar? Check out IAPP CEO & President Trevor Hughes and TrustArc CEO Chris Babel’s conversation last month, “Privacy 2020: Recap & Predictions”. 

TrustArc Privacy Risk Summit

And why limit your celebration of data privacy to just one day a year? Register to attend the  virtual TrustArc Privacy Risk Summit! While we can’t meet in person, we’re bringing together privacy thought leaders, experts and practitioners to discuss and share their expertise on the current and future privacy landscape, in order to empower the privacy forward enterprise to build, implement and constantly demonstrate privacy program success. The 3rd TrustArc Summit will explore changes in the regulatory landscape, deliver practical program management guidance, share real-life privacy-in-action use cases from leading brands and showcase privacy automation technology for end-to-end privacy management. Sign up here to stay posted on Summit announcements. 

Computers, Privacy & Data Protection Conference

TrustArc is a proud sponsor of the upcoming CPDP conference “Enforcing Rights in a Changing World” from January 27th to January 29th. As a world-leading multidisciplinary conference, CPDP offers the cutting edge in legal, regulatory, academic and technological development in privacy and data protection. TrustArc Director EU Policy & Strategy Paul Breitbarth will be speaking during the sessions “Ready for the next ‘Dieselgate’ in Data Protection: the New Reality of Collective Redress in the EU” and “Emotional AI in Smart Cities.” Learn more about CPDP 2021 here.

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